Adherence Management Toolkit

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AdM Coaching® is a patient adherence improvement program designed for clinical services professionals

AdM Coaching® provides higher quality, patient adherence education and training to resolve patient’s perceptions of negative consequences in their discharge plan. It also improves communication, collaboration, and coordination between health agencies and patients.

The AdM Coaching® curriculum is an easy-to-use, comprehensive, web-based multimedia modules in text and presentation format

AdM Coaching® is an evidence-based applied behavior approach developed to identify at-risk patients, then create and sustain patient adherence to their plan of care.

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Adherence Management (AdM) Process

BEARS Adherence Management (AdM) “pronounced ADAM” Coaching® is the process of promoting patient adherence to their care plan to aid in reducing unplanned hospital readmissions. AdM Coaching begins on admission with identifying at-risk patients. AdM Coaches, with their patients, look for patient perceived “punishing consequences”, develop a patient centered Adherence Improvement Plan and follow their progress after discharge. The power of positive reinforcement is used in support of new habit initiatives built in their plan of care. Adherence Management will effect everything from medication adherence to physical therapies and diet changes. AdM Coaches® continue the work of patient adherence where everything else is left on discharge, at the hospital doors.

How does it effect my Bottom-line?

Our comprehensive process starts at admission and follows at-risk patients through the post-discharge to help promote adherence and produce healthy habits.

Your hospital group or private practice can see a significant positive change and a reduction in unplanned readmission rates. This, in turn, can reduce “quality” hold-back amounts from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (and potentially from third-party payers). For many hospitals, this may represent savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Larger hospitals may appreciate several million dollars per year.

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Hospital transition care teams, patient educators, ACOs, large medical groups, social services providers and pharmaceutical participants, will receive training. BEARS’ on-site evaluations and software programs can integrate into your Electronic Health Record system. We offer a data management system to evaluate the effectiveness of your AdM Coaches and patient centered tools to be given to patients to both monitor progress and reward them for adherent and persistent behaviors in your plan of care.

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