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PROBLEM: Patient Non-Adherence / Hospital Readmissions

1 in 4 hospital patients will be discharged and get readmitted within 30 days of discharge.

This is costing taxpayers and insurance companies an estimated $41 billion per year.

We know from a variety of studies, completed over the last 25 years, that at least 50% of patients DO NOT DO WHAT THEIR DOCTOR TELLS THEM TO DO AFTER BEING DISCHARGED FROM THE HOSPITAL!

The Center for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) thought the problem was SO BIG that it started penalizing HOSPITALS by as much as 4% this year, when hospital readmission rates are higher than the norm. Funny thing is, they are punishing the doctors for the behavior of the patient.

SOLUTION: So, what can we do about it?

Over the past five years, BEARS Therapy has developed evidence-based tools and training necessary to assist hospitals and care providers to positively reinforce their patients to be more adherent to their care plan and thereby reducing the amount of patients who are readmitted to the hospital.

First, our training teaches Adherence Management techniques to nurses, hospital staff, home health providers, and Occupational & Physical Therapists on how to shape behavior. Our tools, then, identify patients who are at HIGH RISK for non-adherence based on 22 characteristics that would affect their behavior.  Then, we look at the negative consequences of each discharge plan as it affects the patient (FROM THEIR PERSPECTIVE) to see where changes could be made or where positive reinforcement needs to be applied to mitigate any negatives THAT CANNOT BE CHANGED.

In addition, we provide these AdM Coaches (AS WE LIKE TO CALL THEM) an APP to give to their patients that will positively reinforce the new behaviors until they become habits. This APP will provide FEEDBACK to both the patient and the provider as to their progress to determine where adjustments need to be made.

The providers are also given a portal in order to manage these patients over the next 30 days (or more). The portal allows consistency and shared responsibility for the patient’s successful outcomes across all providers (hospital transition team, home health care, Primary Care Providers, pharmacies, OT/PT, etc.)


Our business model is simple: Hospitals, Health Groups, or Individuals pay a subscription which allows them access to a specific number of Adherence Management (AdM) coach training packages.  We provide access and integration into existing EHR systems of the tools to assess who is a HIGH RISK patient and training to develop an Adherence Improvement Plan.  We provide access to a portal to manage the patient’s progress and outcomes.  And, we provide an APP that will provide feedback and positive reinforcement to the patient to increase adherence and reduce the likelihood of readmission.


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