Capability Statement

” Consequences Matter™ “

Patient non-adherence results in more than 150,000 deaths and billions of dollars of avoidable cost each year.  Behavioral Education and Research Services (BEARS) is an applied behavioral consulting firm focused on improving patient adherence to their care/discharge plans and reducing harm to patients through unplanned readmissions and unmanaged care. Behavior is the basis of all human endeavors.  Understanding how to consistently use this science will improve the outcomes listed above. BEARS’ developed evidence-based programs for reliably changing patient behavior and can help clinicians in understanding why Consequences Matter™.

Business Focus:

Our team of clinicians and administrators are experts in human performance and Adherence Management (AdM). We build clinical and administrative teams who understand and demonstrate expertise in the single most valuable asset in the healthcare continuum… human behavior.

Our behavioral training focuses on:

  • Improving patient adherence through implementing our proprietary Adherence Management Coaching© process.
  • Reducing harm to patients and improving safety and quality of health services through Performance Management™ and Behavior Based Safety™ programs.
  • Building sustainable behavior based administrative and executive teams to ensure optimum leadership for the significant reduction in patient harm.
  • Developing clinician applied behavior expertise to improve adherence to care plan recommendations and patient education.


 EIN:  30-0505729
 DUNS Number:  017477648
 CAGE Code:  6QT71
 Business Structure:  C Corporation
 Registration:  SAMS


 SBA Small Business Designation: Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB)

 NAICS Designations:

541611 Administrative management and general management consulting services.
541612 Human resources consulting services.
541614 Process, physical distribution, and logistical consulting services.
611430 ​Professional management development training.

Contact Information

Behavioral Education and Research Services, Inc. (BEARS)
8349 Amber Oak Drive, Orlando, FL 32817
Tel: 321-439-5949
Robert (Bob) E. Wright, PhD, MHA, MA, RN, President/CEO

Company Expertise:

  • Adherence Management Coach© training.
  • Adherence Management Coach© services.
  • Using an evidence-based, behavioral approach in all of our assessments, BEARS shines a light on the consequences in healthcare processes and practices that impede patient progress and hinder staff performance.
  • Guiding clinicians through “behavior change recommendations” related to implementing MACRA/MIPS.
  • Discovering patients who are “At-Risk” for non-adherence.
  • Staff training to reduce avoidable harm to patients in hospitals.
  • Going beyond process improvement (e.g., Six Sigma and Lean) to true behavioral change programs.
  • Improving executive management through applied behavior training programs
  • We don’t make the clinicians you hire… We make the clinicians you hire, better.