Capability Statement


BEARS has proven science based programs for changing behavior and assists agencies in improving their skills in the delivery of clinical and behavior based applications. "We don't make the people you hire... We make the people you hire, better."


Our team of clinicians and administrators are experts in human performance and Adherence Management (AdM). We focus on five areas of behavioral training to help you develop expertise:

  1. Patient Compliance - Our provider training programs focus on developing in-house tools for improving patient's adherence to the plan of care.
  2. Healthcare Safety - Our AdM Coaches apply their knowledge of Adherence Management to other areas of the Healthcare systems.
  3. Foster Programs - Foster Parent and Child Training programs that promote healthy life-long habits of behavior.
  4. PTS - Behavior based family and direct training of veterans with PTS as an augmentation to cognitive behavior therapy or other prescribed therapies.
  5. Autism - Parent and professional training in the application of programs for children and adults on the autism spectrum.
 EIN:  30-0505729
 DUNS Number:  017477648
 CAGE Code:  6QT71
 Business Structure:  C Corporation
 Registration:  SAMS

BEARS is a verified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business

541611 Administrative management and general management consulting services.
541612 Human resources consulting services.
541614 Process, physical distribution, and logistical consulting services.
611430 ​Professional management development training.

Contact Information
Behavioral Education and Research Services, Inc. (BEARS)
3251 Progress Drive
Orlando, FL 32826
Tel: 321-439-5949
Robert (Bob) E. Wright, PhD, MHA, MA

We deliver programs that:

Improve patient adherence through implementing our proprietary Adherence Management (AdM) Coaching training programs. Our target audiences are nurse educators, pharmacists, and the various therapists who are seeking better outcomes from their patients.

Support and train people who work with children and adults with intellectual disabilities - Our proprietary simulation based training programs improve delivery skills for people providing direct support behavioral training programs. Our focus is pinpointing and refining provider skills.

Support families and personnel providing direct services to people with post traumatic stress (PTS). through our Behavior Transition (BeTr) program.

Adherence Management (AdM) Coaching programs for nurse educators, pharmacists, and patient advocates.  Healthcare is about changing behavior.  We teach the most effective ways to get non-adherent patients to get on board with their plan of care.

Virtual Behavior for Families (VBF) is a simulation based education platform for training parents and family members of children and adults with intellectual disabilities.  It was designed to teach them how to work with and gain significant expertise in the delivery of behavior based training programs.

Virtual Behavior for Professionals (VBP) was designed for therapists and patient care specialists who want to develop and improve their particular discipline of care through using applied behavioral management techniques.

Virtual Behavior for Trainers (VBT) has been developed to improve behavioral skills  for the thousands of entry level support personnel who daily work with children and adults in various residential and training programs.

Virtual Behavior for Special Needs Educators (VBSE) is a complete training program for educators assigned to special needs students to strengthen and improve their behavior based skills.

Adherence Management (AdM) Coaching is designed to help providers learn the basic theory of behavior to guide them through developing the skills necessary to shape and change patient behavior and to provide them with the skills necessary to achieve patient care goals.  It is not a replacement for formal patient education programs.  It is an augmentation to help providers understand what they need to do to improve adherence with patients prior to and after discharge.

Behavior Transition Training (BeTr). Taking control of and managing the day-to-day events of life is what BeTr (pronounced "better") is all about.  Whether the provider is working with an acute or chronic diagnosis, a veteran with Post Traumatic Stress (PTS), a non-veteran with PTS, or a family member of a person falling into one or more of these categories, the key to improved outcomes and a better future is behavior.   Our PTS behavior based training programs teach how to understand behavior and why each of us does the things we do.  BeTr is an augmentation to existing therapy programs.