Medication Management using AdM Coaching

Patients follow their doctor advise… Don’t they?


BEARS trained coaches make the difference!

Our behavior based training programs, along with positive reinforcement tools, enables nurses and pharmacists to engage patients and their families with feedback in an honest, organized, and non-manipulative manner to develop long-term recovery habits.

Patient Centered Care Requires Behavior Expertise

Improving post-discharge outcomes begins with a clear understanding that the responsibility for quality changes resides with both providers and patients. The fact that at least 50% of all health care encounters end in non-adherence is a reality. This requires that the patient care continuum must extend beyond focusing on ensuring quality of care, services, and processes on the provider side of the equation. Focusing all of our efforts on Improving the quality and access to care will only result in marginal improvement if the patient fails to follow their provider’s guidance. Medication Management is just one part of the overall Adherence Management (AdM) coaching program and is about changing behavior and doing things better.

Improve Adherence

A major issue in health care outcomes today falls within the responsibility of the patient.  Simply following the plan of care would reduce deaths by 125,000 people per year.  In addition, adherence could reduce thousands of readmissions to hospitals and nursing homes.Non-adherence threatens the health services delivery system. Provider’s quality and patient outcomes are directly correlated to adherence.  A perfect plan of care is easily thwarted by a patient who, for one reason or another, does not comply.AdM (pronounced “Adam”) Coaches are in a perfect position to find out why their patient/client is not following their provider’s recommendations. They are also in the best position to use Medication Management to provide support and reinforcement to support the creation of new habits.  For more information about BEARS Behavior Based AdM Training please call or write us today!

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