Workshops and Training

On-Site Consulting – An Applied Behavioral Approach in today’s health services environment to reinforce the compliance behavior of patients in order to reduce hospital readmission rates.  This highly engaged, patient-centered program is designed to bridge the gap between hospital and patient.  Our consultants will provide an in-depth analysis of the hospital’s current Transition Care Management and integrate the Adherence Management (AdM) coaching program. To SCHEDULE YOUR ON-SITE CONSULTING click here.

Behavior Based Workshops

Investing your time and money into training should always lead to building a new skill or applying a new approach that immediately adds value to the services you provide to your patients. 

BEARS offers on-site, introductory and skill-building workshops that introduce the science of behavior and provides the tools, practices and methodologies proven to build and sustain patient adherence.  In BEARS’ workshops, participants learn from and network with other health services providers while discussing real-life patient care issues. We offer participants a personalized learning event that delivers optimum impact to reduce readmissions due to non-adherence. 

NMBL (Nimble) Nursing – The success of an applied behavioral approach to patient adherence requires nurses who can create positive environments and reinforce the compliance behavior of their patients.  This highly engaged, patient-centered workforce consistently performs beyond expectations whether focused on direct care, education, advocacy, quality of care, or patient safety.  To read more, click the NMBL button.

NMBL Workshop

Patient Experience Executives – Patient care has been around a long time. Quality patient experiences are always just one event away from avoidable consequences.  Notwithstanding the fact that your customer is ill, every day you have a provider at risk, working with a patient at risk and all it takes to set off the nuclear reaction is the right setting event.  This 1.5 day workshop strengthens the skills necessary to be an effective “Experience Executive.” To read more click the Patient Experience button.

Executives Workshop

Behavior Based Case Management –  The demand for following up and shaping the behavior of non-adherent patients will both stretch the current provider pool and require a better understanding of why people behave the way they do.  The need for people with behavioral transitions skills to work with patients and improve adherence will increase as providers are penalized for poor outcomes, payers spend more money for avoidable care, and patients are charged higher premiums for their choices.

BBCM Workshop

Behavior Based Management – All management is about behavior. The question is do you really understand why people who work for you are doing or not doing the things they do?  This 4.5 day behavior management workshop provides you with the tools you need to bring your team together to bring out the best in patient care.  To read more click the BB MGMT button.

BB MGMT Workshop