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UCF's Dr. Deborah Beidel Joins BEARS' Board

Dec 2014, Orlando, FL:  Behavioral Education and Research Services, Inc. is pleased to announce that Dr. Deborah C. Beidel, Ph.D., ABPP has joined BEARS's Advisory Board.  Dr. Beidel is ABPP is a Pegasus Professor, Professor of Psychology, and Professor of Medical Education. She holds American Board of Professional Psychology Diplomates in Clinical Psychology and Behavioral Psychology and is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association and the Association for Psychological Science. She is the 1990 recipient of the Association for Advancement of Behavior Therapy’s New Researcher Award, the 1995 recipient of the Distinguished Educator Award from the Association of Medical School Psychologists, and the 2007 recipient of the Samuel M. Turner Clinical Researcher Award from the American Psychological Association. She is the author of over 200 scientific publications including journal articles, book chapters and books on the treatment of anxiety disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder. She is the recipient of numerous grants from the National Institute of Mental Health and the Department of Defense.  "We a very pleased that Dr.Beidel has joined our team," said Dr. Bob Wright, Founder of BEARS, "She is an incredible professional and will allow our programs to grow faster and better than they possibly could have without her guidance."  

BEARS and King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital

May 2014, Riyadh, KSA: Behavioral Education and Research Services, Inc. (BEARS) CEO Dr. Bob Wright provided a two day seminar entitled, "Teaching Methods and Factors Affecting Student Learning" to the professional education staff of the King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital (KKESH) in Riyadh, KSA. In a country that abounds with high quality health services, KKESH represents the best of the best when it comes to caring for people with eye disorders. "The KKESH Training and Scholarship Department is made up of health services educators from an array of clinical, administrative, and IT professions to ensure the staff obtains, retains, and maintains the skill sets necessary for world class health care," Wright said. "It was a pleasure working with Anas M. Al Fawaz and Ghadeer Al Tamimi in putting the course together and then presenting it in their high tech training center."


March 2014, Jubail, KSA:  Behavioral Education and Research Services, Inc. (BEARS) has joined with INMA Kingdom Group, a Saudi Arabian nationwide training firm to provide behavior based programs in the Kingdom.  "We successfully negotiated two contracts during the March visit", said Wright, President and CEO of  BEARS.  "Our first contract is with the National Industrialization Company (TASNEE) in Jubail.  TASNEE is a major petrochemical firm and the county's second largest industrial firm, producing plastics, and industrial services.  BEARS will be developing and implementing a behavior focused ethics training program and will start this campaign at the end of May 2014 with a week long kick-off campaign for up to 500 employees.  In October we will conduct a second phase of training for an additional 500 employees.  At the end of 2012 TASNEE reported profits of $470,357,000.00.

BEARS Accepted into UCF Entrepreneur Incubator Program

March 2014, Orlando: Dr. Bob Wright, President/CEO of Behavioral Education and Research Services, Inc. (BEARS) is pleased to announce that BEARS has been accepted into the UCF Business Incubator Program. "UCF has the premiere business incubator in the US today and sets the standard for all other programs". UCF offers a wealth of resources to companies accepted into the program and the ability to network with successful businesses in the community. "As a UCF alumni and married to a UCF graduate as well, I am very proud of my University and the opportunity that it is offering to new businesses. The Incubator staff is absolutely incredible in every possible way and offer a strong shoulder, an open ear, and many words of advice", said Wright.

Dr. Wright Gives Lecture on Therapeutic Behavior Management in Riyadh, KSA

April 2014, Riyadh, KSA: Dr. Bob Wright, President/CEO of Behavioral Education and Research Services, Inc. (BEARS) was invited to provide an introductory lecture related to therapeutic behavior management to the medical and nursing staff at the King Khaled Eye Specialty Hospital (KKESH) In Riyadh, KSA on the 2nd of April 2014.

Dr. Wright Attends Autism Workshop in Dammam, KSA

April 3, 2014, Dammam, KSA: Dr. Bob Wright, President/CEO of Behavioral Education and Research Services, Inc. (BEARS) attended a seminar for special needs educators and parents of children on the autism spectrum and later met with Dr. Heidi Al-Alaskary to review an abilities assessment profile he created. Dr. Heidi received her undergraduate and masters degrees from the University of Southern Illinois and completed her doctorate in speech pathology from the world-renowned Vanderbilt University. Currently Dr. Heidi is the Director, Persons with Disabilities Employment Program (Tawafug). Previously she served as the Director for Disability Research at the Prince Salman Center for Disability in Riyadh. "It was a privilege to attend the workshop and speak with some of the moms, educators, and Dr. Heidi. All of these ladies were highly motivated to find better techniques for working with these children and Dr. Heidi had an incredible amount of energy as she presented her lecture." Following her presentation Wright and Dr. Heidi met for about an hour to discuss his physical assessment form. "We have been looking for something like this", said Dr, Heidi. It covers each of the systems and can be easily used by professionals and parents to do a quick assessment."

BEARS Wins Continuing Education Contract at KKESH

April 2014, Riyadh, KSA: Dr. Bob Wright, President/CEO of Behavioral Education and Research Services, Inc. (BEARS) announced today that BEARS has been invited to provide continuing education programs at the King Khaled Eye Specialty Hospital (KKESH) In Riyadh. "Thjis is an ongoing program that will give BEARS the opportunity of traveling to the Kingdom to participate in seminars and training programs and put forth our unique approach to patient centered care. Our goal is to work with the Hospital and the Department of Education to provide them with the information that is necessary to implement Therapeutic Behavior Management to improve patient compliance to their doctor's plan of care. Non-compliance is a major concern around the world and costs tens of thousands of lives and needless suffering. This is a problem that demands a behavioral approach and I am pleased that my colleagues in the Kingdom have seen the value." Wright will be returning to the Kingdom in late May and again in October to participate in training programs.

BEARS Teams with Nudge Notes, LLC

July 2014, Orlando, FL: Behavioral Education and Research Services, Inc. is pleased to announce that Dr. Bob Wright has been selected by the great new website "Nudge Notes" to provide behavior consultation for their "Nudges". Nudge Notes is a creative way for people to let friends, family, and associates know that they have a behavioral problem without having to walk up and tell them their behavior is not good. Wright added, "Some behaviors simply need a little nudge to encourage the "behaver" to make a few adjustments." Confrontation is often uncomfortable for many people and because it is punishing they are willing to put up with the undesired behavior. Nudge Notes allows a no harm no foul approach. Nudge Notes can be found at