About Us

Our Philosophy

“We don’t make the clinicians you hire.  We make the clinicians you hire, better.”  

Your patient education and therapy skills have been acquired through years of education and practice.  BEARS takes your skills and provides you with behavior based training programs to ensure that you bring out the best in your patients, employees, students, or children.

  1. Quality above all – We help you define and reinforce the behaviors you want.
  2. Empathy – We develop and maintain a connection with our clients.
  3. Focus – In order to do a good job, we help you eliminate distractions that take away from desired behaviors.
  4. Simplicity – We offer programs that are easy to understand, implement and maintain.
  5. Friendliness – The science of behavior is user friendly. We intend to keep it that way.
  6. Develop and share simplicity – Behavior has been around a long time. It is the common denominator that ties us together.

Behavior is a simple science… Our goal is to keep it that way.

Our Mission

Behavioral Education and Research Services, Inc, has three related behavior based missions:

  • BEARS identifies, develops, and deploys programs that extend the science of behavioral analysis into the health services market.  We focus on staff education, patient safety, and patient adherence with their provider’s plans of care.
  • BEARS provides unequaled instruction and training platforms for health professionals, parents, and foster parents serving the needs of children. Through the development and use of our training systems, we make a significant impact on how parents and professionals learn and deploy behavior based therapies.
  • BEARS develops and deploys programs to serve the needs of America’s service members and their families.  These programs extend the availability of preventive and supportive programs currently approved and used for the treatment of PTSD.

Our Vision

BEARS makes a significant impact on patient educators and health services professionals through providing evidence-based  programs and training in a behavior centered approach to care.  We train staff and care providers behaviorally to be more effective leaders, providers, educators, and parents.  BEARS develops and implements virtual simulation programs that change the practice of training parents, foster parents, and care providers of children.

Our Values

  • BEARS promotes the ethical application of the science of behavior analysis in the health services and education arenas.
  • BEARS informs our target communities about evidence-based findings related to ways in which human performance can be improved.
  • BEARS develops positive reinforcement strategies for promoting excellence in human performance.
  • BEARS shares our findings with all who will listen.